Date: 2nd November 2020 at 7:18pm
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BBC Scotland likes to pretend that they act in a rational factual way.

Tom English is their chief sports writer, someone that had barely broke a single story until he uncovered a source inside Hearts to keep him posted on a summer of turmoil at the SPFL.

Football isn’t really his game, egg-chasing is where he gets his thrills with a tone of contempt aimed at the commoners’ game that BBC Scotland covers in the sort of detail that no commercial organisation could dream of.

Social media has been fantastic for English as he scoops up the sort of material that would normally be associated with a tabloid newspaper. Without having to find proper contacts has allowed him to gather the most extreme viewpoints. It fascinates the top sports writer at the state broadcaster.

Celtic fans have debated and discussed their side in great detail this season, traditional means of expressing views have largely been wiped out by Lockdown.

With some glee English has seized on the phrase ‘bed-wetters’ to discuss Celtic fans being overly concerned by recent results. Rather than rise above it he revels in that sort of language.

Over the weekend a large number of the most respected reporters at BBC Scotland took voluntary redundancy to move on. It’s believed that the Sports Department has been unaffected.