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Daily Record reports four men at Jones and Edmundson party

Image for Daily Record reports four men at Jones and Edmundson party

The Daily Record has shared a video clip and reported that four men can be seen at the notorious party organised by Jordan Jones and George Edmundson.

Yesterday in a suspiciously timed sequence of events news emerged that the Ibrox heroes had been charged and fined, a statement from the club was released quickly followed by a statement of praise from the Scottish Government before wee Chris or big Raman had a chance to question the First Minister.

The whole episode reeked on news management (nothing to see here) but there are little controls on social media as interest continues and intensifies on the story.

Jones seems to be very popular among his Ibrox team-mates with many previous pictures of him out socially with Alfredo Morelos appearing to be a close friend.

Ten people were fined by Police Scotland after the party in the West End but so far only Jones and Edmundson have been named.

The Daily Record reports:

Police rounded up ten people at a flat in Devonshire Terrace, Glasgow, and issued on the spot penalty notices. Four men and three women can be seen in the room, with booze flowing as the music is pumped up high.

One man shamelessly dances in the elevated window of the apartment, as the music blares out in the early hours. Another photo posted on social media appears to show Edmundson in a room where a party had taken place.

Rangers were informed about the conduct of their players. Jones, 26, and Edmundson, 23, have been placed into a fortnight’s isolation and will remain side-lined pending the outcome of a probe by Rangers.

Midfield ace Scot Arfield celebrated his 32nd birthday on Sunday, the SFA and SPFL haven’t commented on the fines handed out to the two players.

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