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Double standards Kris Boyd hits out at ‘hard of understanding Celtic supporters’

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Showing the sort of diplomacy and sensitivity that he is famed for, wacky Kris Boyd opened his column in The Sun with the side-splitting line of ‘ FOR their sake I hope it was one helluva party.’

Ho ho flipping ho, it’s the sort of line that even Ally McCoist would think twice about using with thousands dead and hospital beds filling up with anxious relatives not allowed to visit dying relatives.

Boyd’s timing has always been suspect, his dislike of Celtic and pain at their current level of success has never been far below the surface.

Whatever it takes to end his pain he’d jump at it. An illegal tax scam denying hospitals of funds would surely be approved if it stopped Celtic from winning a trophy. Perhaps the sort of scam that Boyd and his former team-mates signed up for more than a decade ago as they cheated their way to trophies and titles.

When Boli Bolingoli disobeyed protocols and took a trip to Spain, Boydy squealed for points deductions.

When his fun-loving mate Jordan Jones and some unknown others decided to have a party with some good time girls while their neighbours obeyed the law Boyd followed the ‘party line’ of praising the club for decisive action.

That will be the club whose manager shared a car to training with first team coach Michael Beale on the first day of pre-season training.

The club that went ahead with a pre-season friendly against Dundee United without having negative tests returned on stars like Jones, Calvin Bassey, Greg Stewart and Young McCrorie.

Shifting the goalposts after Jones and Edmundson were caught and fined by Police Scotland for a rule break Boyd decided to turn his column in The Sun into another attack on Celtic fans.

I would have been saying Rangers would have needed to forfeit points for games postponed, just as I said for Celtic and Aberdeen.

But this is different so that’s not an issue, even though some hard-of-understanding Celtic supporters out there will no doubt be claiming double standards on my part.

Fact is, Rangers nipped this in the bud before it became an issue. And all they need to do is discipline the two players involved.

Celtic were fined and had two matches postponed because one of their players didn’t obey protocols. Likewise, Aberdeen for eight players breaking protocol.

When it comes to matters at Ibrox a different set of rules apply as Boyd explains, underlined by the Five Way Agreement of 2012 giving special treatment to clubs from Ibrox to retain that cherished Old Firm rivalry.

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