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FIFA confirms political investigation into Douglas Ross

Image for FIFA confirms political investigation into Douglas Ross

FIFA has confirmed that they are investigating Douglas Ross using their logo to further his own political goals.

Last month every home in Scotland had a glossy four page brochure delivered attempting to highlight the softer, family side of the extreme right-wing Tory MP who wishes to drive Gypsy communities out of the country.

Included in the leaflet was an image of a portly Ross squeezed into his referee outfit with the FIFA logo clear to see. Last month the MP for Moray enjoyed lucrative international appointments at matches between England and Wales quickly followed by Luxembourg v Cyprus.

FIFA goes to great lengths to steer clear of politics across the globe and are unlikely to accept it as an honest mistake from the accident Tory who spends his spare time watching cow videos on You Tube.

The National reports:

FIFA has confirmed that they are investigating claims Douglas Ross broke strict neutrality rules by using their logo on Tory party leaflets. 

If found guilty of breaching the governing body’s statutes, the part-time professional referee could face a ban from the sport. FIFA’s rules states that they do not take a position “in matters of politics and religion.”

However, last month the Scottish Tories, in a bid to raise the profile of their new leader, sent every house in Scotland a “meet Douglas Ross” leaflet.

On Monday morning, FIFA confirmed to The National that they were probing the allegation. A spokesman said: “We are currently looking into the matter and have no further comment to make at this stage.”

A Scottish Tory spokesperson said: “Douglas will be happy to clarify matters with FIFA and is not aware of any concerns from the association.”

Yesterday Ross was collecting expenses at the semi-final of the Scottish Cup between Celtic and Aberdeen, on Friday the SFA have awarded him a virtual home match when he waves his flag at Ross County against Livingston.

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