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Opinion: Neil Lennon must confront Daily Record story head on- he knows the cast list

Image for Opinion: Neil Lennon must confront Daily Record story head on- he knows the cast list

Neil Lennon has a fresh problem to confront this morning.

It’s not trying to find a defence for Prague on Thursday night, it’s not his best strike force- a one or a two and who it is- or where best to play Jeremie Frimpong. It’s not Armstrong Oko-Flex or Leigh Griffiths. It is much, much bigger than that.

After twenty years in and around Glasgow Lennon can read the signs. One story with three people that he knows well has to be confronted first thing and dealt with in public.

When Keith Jackson puts together a scenario where Peter Lawwell contacts Gordon Strachan to discuss taking charge of Celtic in mid-season the message is crystal clear.

This isn’t a speculative piece of fiction. All three involved are known to each other, long standing confidences aren’t going to be broken for a click-bait headline.

Lennon or more likely his agent Martin Reilly need to confront Peter Lawwell on this and get a public denial, if there is nothing by mid-morning Lennon’s job has just got 10 times harder.

How does he take training this morning with the players aware of the story. Scott Brown also knows Jackson, Strachan and Lawwell closely, like Lennon he is streetwise to the ways of the world and in particular Glasgow football.

How awkward will the pre-training meeting of the coaches be? What sort of position is Gavin Strachan in? Who is he loyal to, his Dad or his (current) Boss?

At 5pm on Saturday Celtic had major problems to address, by 2pm on Sunday they had intensified a little, the bleak prospect of Aberdeen taking something from Ibrox was removed.

This morning things are much more out in the open, cards are on the table.

If there is no denial of the story in the Record Lennon should resign. Either Lawwell then confirms the suspicions that Strachan is Plan B or he is left in the lurch.

Issues have been brewing since the Ferencvaros defeat and the after match comments, at last they might be confronted and dealt with, anything less is a major dereliction of duty.

CLICK HERE for Lawwell speaking to Jackson about Celtic Park hosting test events.

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