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Report claims Norwegian players could face jail if they break Quarantine

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Derek Rae has claimed that Norwegian players involved at their clubs this weekend could face a fine or imprisonment!

The former BT Sport commentator is well respected for his knowledge of German football after first moving into broadcasting with BBC Scotland in the eighties.

Over the weekend the Norwegian Health Authority initially denied home based players from travelling to Romania, on Saturday that escalated to the entire squad with UEFA stepping in and cancelling the match in Bucharest.

No decision has been made on whether Romania get awarded a 3-0 win or if the game is rescheduled. An identical situation will unfold for Wednesday’s match away to Austria.

At lunchtime on Sunday the Norwegian squad broke up to fly home to their clubs after apparently agreeing to Quarantine until November 23.

Kris Ajer and Moi Elyounoussi were among those players leaving Celtic with a big dilemma over whether they follow a ruling from Norway or select players who are continuing to return negative tests.

Erling Haaland of Borussia Dortmund is the most high-profile Norwegian profile with other clubs likely to look closely at how the German club deal with a Quarantine imposed from another country.

Neil Lennon won’t have his squad back in training until Friday with five players involved in Wednesday’s match between Israel and Scotland.

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