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‘That team’s head has completely gone’ no shock value left in Celtic’s season of despair

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The emotions were very raw on A Celtic State of Mind after watching Celtic’s latest calamity- a 4-1 defeat from Sparta Prague.

Hosts Paul John Dykes and Kevin Graham have watched a potentially historic season fall apart at the seams and delivered fan generated comment throughout.

The last six weeks has been particularly painful but there is no longer the shock value that comes with a humiliating Champions League defeat from a team in Hungary.

In eight European matches this season Celtic have won three games- defeating the best that Iceland, Bosnia and Latvia have to offer which seems about the level the club is at.

Champions League ambitions are clearly a thing of the past, the grand history of European nights and famous scalps has been replaced by routine hammerings with a 2-8 aggregate against Sparta Prague appearing to cause no great shock.

4 minutes 30 seconds

4 minutes 30 seconds

KG: Do we expect anything else now, do we really expect anything else?

PJD: Personally no

KG: No, we don’t expect anything else. We went 1-0 up tonight and I’m going ‘wait a minute, that might give us a wee bit of a boost’. It didn’t give us a boost at all, it just gave Sparta a toe up the a*** and then they dominate and deservedly go in front at half time.

Soon after

KG: The worry for me was that after the third goal we knew the fourth one was coming. That team’s head has completely gone. It doesn’t matter who you put in there the teams head is completely away. The confidence is absolutely shot.

A Celtic State of Mind will be back at lunchtime for an update on last night’s events and any development through this morning.

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