Date: 4th November 2020 at 6:23am
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The Sun performed a sharpish U-turn last night after publishing a story about private life.

Within minutes of the story appearing on-line they were swamped with complaints forcing them to change the headline in what appears to be an old fashioned kiss-and-tell but perhaps without the kiss and plenty of tell.

The Sun has picked up on a story from on October 19, publishing it less than 48 hours after and hosted a house party seems very suspicious.

Last night’s story is from a young American who thought that she had picked up a WAG Golden Ticket with Frimpong providing her with a life of luxury. When that failed to happen she seems to have taken the huff big time.

Later today Neil Lennon will host a media conference by Zoom to preview tomorrow’s tie against Sparta Prague. Last week the boss hit out at two newspapers running polls on whether or not he should be sacked.

With The Sun putting a Celtic player on their news pages and having a sharp u-turn on the ‘news line’ it could make for an awkward day for Celtic’s Communications Manager Iain Jamieson and the Sports Desk at The Scottish Sun.