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Barry Ferguson is f*_)ing ragin over Betfred Cup exit

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Barry Ferguson is pure f&U(ing raging at the Betfred Cup defeat from St Mirren.

Whenever he is this angry he likes to use a few f words in his Daily Record column to show how pure staunch he is.

Just over a week ago Ferguson was speculating about the Tribute Act completing an Invincible Treble but every time a club from Ibrox tries to match it has disastrous consequences.

After 27 matches unbeaten this season, overlooking the defeat from Bayer Leverkusen, the Gerrard Express rolled into with their name virtually on the Betfred Cup.

With Aberdeen, Celtic, and Alloa knocked out before the Semi Final stage Ferguson and Co were looking forward to the biggest day in their club’s proud history since Peterhead were sorted out in the 2016 Petrotank Cup Final at Hampden.

A late injury to shouldn’t have been too much of an obstacle to overcome but after losing just four goals in the SPFL the Ibrox defence conceded three in 97 minutes as St Mirren ended their cup hopes.

Fergie wants to see how his current heroes react to this set-back, using a well-worn template he reminded Daily Record readers what a f*$(ing maddie he was on the rare occasion his side lost during the glory days of Disguised Remuneration under Dave Murray.

Here’s a wee secret. You know how you hear players and managers saying they never read newspapers? Well, trust me, it’s all bollocks.

There’s always a load of the papers lying around when you’re at breakfast or having lunch and I always made a point of going through them, especially after a bad result or performance.

‘Look, there’s that b****** from the Record given me a five out of 10 again!’. Then I’d show them to the rest of the boys and say: “Guys have you seen what they are saying about us now?

“They’re saying we’re weak. They’re questioning our mentality. Well let’s get out there and give them some f******* answers!”

Listen, you can’t get through any season without the odd setback along the way. It’s how you respond to them that matters and that was always my way of firing myself up for the next challenge.

Read what they are writing. Listen to what they’re saying about you on the radio. Get angry and go out there and do something about it.

If people think you have blown a gasket or you’ve lost your nerve then show them how wrong they are. You don’t just curl up into a ball and feel sorry for yourselves. You don’t allow self-doubt to creep into your mind either or start wondering if these guys might be right after all. If you start doubting yourself you’re in serious trouble.

After the defeat to St Mirren Mister Gerrard is expected to make a number of changes for tomorrow’s match at home to St Mirren with former starlet unlikely to be in the side.

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