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Celtic fans raise over £25,000 for charity from Podcast marathon

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A marathon weekend of Podcasting arranged by a Celtic State of Mind has raised more than £25,000 for charity with more expected to arrive.

Starting on Saturday morning at 8am a schedule of 12 different Podcasts got underway showcasing the variety of content now available to fans online.

Yesterday ACSoM kicked it off again at 8am going through the full range of emotions before, during and after the dramatic Scottish Cup Final that concluded the Quadruple Treble.

The four chosen charities were featured heavily throughout the Podcasts with fans donating money as well as an online auction for a range of Celtic items.

ACSoM will be back on air at lunchtime today, picking over the drama from Hampden and also reflecting on their marathon weekend of fund-raising.

Since going daily ACSoM has been attracting around 4,000 viewers per day to their Podcast on You Tube.

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