Date: 24th December 2020 at 9:32am
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The has reacted angrily to claims that they view as a futile and pointless exercise.

The claim was made during a Zoom meeting on Saturday as the Trust discussed last week’s meeting with Peter Lawwell and others inside .

For seven years the board has resisted taking the SFA to task over the 2011 licence given to the old Rangers club who had known and acknowledge overdue tax bills.

Had the SFA applied UEFA rules properly Celtic would have been given the place in the qualifiers. In season 2012/13 reaching the last 16 of the Champions League raised Celtic’s turnover from £51.34m to £75.82m.

For reasons that they have never explained the Celtic board have failed to push on the matter despite being handed all of the evidence provided by a dedicated group of shareholders. The trial of 2017 proved beyond doubt that the overdue tax bill was well known and an issue in the May 2011 £1 of the club.

Over the last six weeks the Trust has been able to buy two batches of shares on the back of a surge in membership and subscribers.

Taking on the issue of Resolution 12 from the 2011 AGM would add to their credability but so far in public it seems to be something that they would rather avoid dealing with.