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‘Futile and pointless’ Celtic Trust face the trust question over Resolution 12

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The face their first big test since enjoying a surge in membership as looked for a voice to express their frustrations at the way Celtic are being run.

After more than 20 years waiting the Trust found themselves in the spotlight- stepping forward to organise the demonstration before the recent match against Kilmarnock.

The exact purpose of the demonstration wasn’t quite clear but those attending made it obvious that they were picking up on the old mantra of BACK THE TEAM, SACK THE BOARD.

It is an easy slogan to hold on to but with the spotlight and funds to buy additional shares comes expectation and responsibility.

This morning an article highlighting a concern for Celtic shareholders over the last seven years was published. from the 2013 has many strands to it but essentially it boils down to whether or not Celtic can trust the SFA and to ensure fair play applies across all member clubs.

Which brings me to the …who recently asked for money to buy shares with , which would give fans a collective voice to help ensure that those in the boardroom not only listen to our concerns, but do something about them.

Which , in turn, leads me to wonder why they said that Res 11/12, now in the hands of the club, who have said they will pursue the matter, was a “futile and pointless exercise ” during their recent zoom meeting ?

They haven’t even got a seat on the board yet, and appear to be indulging in their policies already.

From that the trust question falls on the Celtic board. If they trust the SFA there seems to be decent grounds for fans to question their trust in the club to do the right thing. Without that other issues become almost irrelevant. There is little point holding conversations where trust is gone.

Last Thursday the met with the Celtic Board. No minutes, update or statement has been issued on the meeting. If the Celtic Trust are to achieve some of their goals then they need to explain their position on Resolution 12 (2013) and Resolution 11 (2020) if they are to build on recent momentum.

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