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Neil McCann’s Invincible comment comes back to haunt him

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Neil McCann has been chirpier than normal this season, tackling his multiple media commitments with a spring in his step with a new found enthusiasm.

Since being found out as a manager while in charge of Dundee, characterised by one classic episode involving Wee Guy Syndrome and Scott Bain, he has been rebuilding the media career that had been launched alongside David Tanner in the Sky Sports studio.

Until March he had had to put a brave face on it, feigning interest and enthusiasm on Celtic’s run of success before building his hopes up only to be let down as Ann Budge ignores his public pleas to become manager of Hearts.

Celtic’s ninth title during the summer was ominous, coming soon after he had watched Mister Gerrard’s side losing back-to-back to Hearts and Hamilton.

To McCann’s shock the 2020/21 season hasn’t started as he feared, not only have Celtic struggled but somehow Gerrard has got a tune out of his serial losers, so much so that McCann has been dreaming not only of a Treble but an Invincible Treble.

After last night’s sickener away to St Mirren perhaps he’ll pipe reign in his excitement, and show proper respect to the only club that has enjoyed an invincible Treble, one that was completed in May not December.

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