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‘Our own board trolling’ ‘Do these people want 10iar’ Celtic fans react to Lennon news

Image for ‘Our own board trolling’ ‘Do these people want 10iar’ Celtic fans react to Lennon news

Late on Monday night it was the news that sent Celtic fans further into despair.

On the one hand Neil Lennon was staying, additionally the reason for the decision was apparently a reaction to the ‘baying mob’ that gathered outside of Celtic Park after the defeat from Ross County.

Remarkably in the time since the final whistle blew on Celtic’s exit from the Betfred Cup there has been more attention from some outlets on the so-called baying mob than a season collapsing from within.

Any acts of violence are to be condemned, there is no place for it and laws to deal with them. However this reporter hasn’t seen any video clips of players being targeted by missiles as mentioned in the Celtic statement issued on Sunday night while Stephen McGowan of the Daily Mail put the total numbers protesting at 200.

It seems that the actions of possibly 100 angry fans is dictating policy for a company listed on the Stock Market. In a fortnight Celtic will hold their AGM online, they will go through the regulations, re-elect directors but when it comes to the employment of the key employee, according to the Daily Record, that policy is dictated by the reaction to a small group of fans.

With 50,000 fans to be wooed in the spring into renewing Season Tickets that have turned out to be virtually worthless the Celtic hierarchy may find their customers aren’t too keen on policy decided by a small baying mob.

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