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Report reveals ‘deep dive’ plan at Celtic includes life after Lawwell

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Phil MacGiollabhain has revealed that Celtic have started the process of life after Lawwell.

The veteran CEO put in an unimpressive performance at yesterday’s AGM, drawing on past successes with no solutions offered for the current problems or vision for a future that doesn’t involved being also-rans in European football.

Spending £35m over 18 months might sound impressive but on closer analysis there hasn’t been much value for that expenditure with Celtic out of three competitions before December and trailing by double digits in the SPFL.

While Lawwell, chairman and Neil Lennon all congratulated one another in their pre-recorded interviews one voice was noticeably absent from the verbal huddle.

sent his son Ross to sit in on the meeting but with every resolution getting more than 95% backing from the existing board the was simply a rubber stamp job.

Before the home match with Kilmarnock around 300 demonstrated outside of where Lawwell and Desmond were the main targets for the fans.

Celtic’s largest individual share-holder prefers to stay out of the spotlight with MacGiollabhain reporting that a plan for a new CEO is underway:

Covering the in a blog post today, Phil reports:

My only glimmer of hope yesterday was when I spoke with a very well-placed source last night. He is in a position to know what is happening on Planet Dermot and is certain that Desmond has had his people ‘deep dive’ into the current situation.

Last night he stated that process was close to completion and that ‘individuals are being looked at that take over from Lawwell’.

It was back in the autumn of 2003 that Lawwell came to power as CEO of Celtic, at that time Tony Blair and George Bush Jnr had their troops in Iraq and the Labour Party, under Jack McConnell had 50 out of the 133 seats at the Scottish Parliament.

Henrik was in his farewell season at Celtic with and adapting to life without nappies.

With over 40,000 followers on Twitter MacGiollabhain is one of the leading bloggers on Scottish football matters.

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