Date: 15th December 2020 at 9:03am
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The vote on Resolution 11 of 2020, relating to of 2013 was heavily ‘defeated’ yesterday but like many complex issues the devil is in the detail.

For eight long years a dedicated group of shareholders have been investigating, questioning and challenging the 2011 UEFA licence given to Rangers by the which allowed them to take part in Champions League qualifiers.

According to UEFA regulations clubs must be upto date with social payables (taxes) to play in their competitions. The idea is that clubs don’t go chasing Champions League windfalls to pay the tax bills put on hold to chase success on the football park.

Celtic finished second in the 2011/12 SPL title race while being upto date. Across the city it is well documented that £2.8m was overdue to while the club committed £4m to the signing of Nikita Jelavic with part of that fee unpaid when the club went into administration in February 2012.

It seems like a clear error by the SFA in providing the licence- and denying Celtic a place in the Champions League qualifiers- but the hoops board has appeared very reluctant to challenge that decision.

One of the shareholders pushing the issue, Auldheid, reacted to the vote and its interpretation, highlighting that the Celtic board are now obliged to challenge the 2011 decision through UEFA although no timetable has been offered.