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Stunning! New images emerge of Ibrox expanded capacity

Image for Stunning! New images emerge of Ibrox expanded capacity

That old favourite- stadium expansion- was on the menu again at the Ibrox AGM.

From the moment that the capacity of Celtic Park was raised to 60,000 in 1998 it has been a bone of contention for those at the third largest stadium in the city.

Dave Murray leaked various futuristic plans to friendly publishers with one of the best being the 2008 version when the Sunday Mail informed its readers about a Six Star hotel, Super Casino and hover pitch allowing concerts and other sports events to be staged at the premium venue.

Different plans have emerged down the years but being so close to the River Clyde options to build up would disturb the water table with cash an obvious issue.

Over the last few years plans have been watered down a little with an emphasis on a Safe Standing area- just like Celtic installed in 2016.

Various studies and feasibility plans have been put together down the years that are as likely to see the light of day as the hotel or Casino.

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