Date: 5th January 2021 at 1:09pm
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PR disaster in Dubai continued with the club tweeting pictures of the ‘hard work’ that the players are undergoing while everyone in adjusts to further restrictions.

The Dubai trip always looking like a calculated risk, like most decisions this season it has backfired spectacularly creating further unwanted attention.

As if falling 19 points behind in the title ‘race’ wasn’t bad enough enjoying days in the sun with pictures of players and management drinking poolside has brought questions from the Scottish Government who are rarely slow when they have the chance to point score against football.

Across of every other club in Scotland are revelling in the opportunity to have a laugh at Celtic’s expense after years of being fed stories about the club’s success.

Celtic are due to return on Friday, the spotlight will be on the club like never before in the days ahead after enjoying the sort of break ordinary fans an only dream of as legislation comes into place to stay at home 10 months after they last attended a math at Celtic Park. Next Monday Celtic host Hibs in a match being shown on Sports.