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WOW- Watch the video as Karma visits Steven Naismith

Image for WOW- Watch the video as Karma visits Steven Naismith

Steven Naismith is never slow to put the boot in, usually when his opponent isn’t looking or just after the ball has been cleared.

Scott Brown, James Forrest and Jonny Hayes have all been victims of the Hearts skipper since he took up residence at Tynecastle with a generous four year contract in 2019 following a loan spell.

Match officials seem to have a blind spot to Naismith’s antics with no sign of a red card for any of his offences against Celtic players.

The recent Scottish Cup Final was typical with John Beaton offering just a yellow card for constant fouling over 120 minutes from the Hearts veteran.

With the game tied at 0-0 he went in late to send Brown to the deck, as Beaton blew for a free kick Naisy stood on Brown with no action taken.

A yellow card was later produced for decking Brown as the players waited for a corner, undeterred Naisy charged at Conor Hazard for the second Hearts goal with Beaton and the additional assistant deciding to ignore the incident.

In the league this season Hearts are playing in the Championship with Naisy one of the star names. Shaun Byrne of Dundee knew what to expect and decided to get his retaliation in first with a yellow card shown.

After the 3-1 defeat Robbie Nielson highlighted the fact that both of his side’s Championship defeats this season had been matches refereed by Don Robertson.

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