Date: 2nd February 2021 at 12:41pm
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is the great tool allowing companies to communicate directly with customers, take feedback and judge the mood.

Celtic and their team can be in little doubt about the feelings of and their number one priority.

aren’t allowed to make use of their Season Tickets, Lockdown and Tier 4 rules out protests outside of the stadium but anyone inside the club looking to judge the mood from feedback will be left in no doubt about the strength of feeling for the removal of the manager.

After a few weeks of using the #lennonout hashtag that has been completely ignored, a new avatar is being used with face behind a No Entry sign.

Announcing the signing of was met with one recurring theme, likewise a video clip from training this morning.

While there is clearly a high level of resentment aimed at Lennon still being in the job there is little doubt that he is also on the receiving end of the anger aimed at the club over a variety of issues.

Communication with has been at an absolute minimum despite record Season Ticket and little sign of what Added Value, promised on the Season Ticket, looks like.

When protests arrived outside the ground in November the club backed the manager with the promise of a managerial review in the new year. Thirty-three days into 2021, with one win from six matches there has been no acknowledgement of that promise let alone word on the review.