Date: 2nd February 2021 at 8:52am
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Charlie Nicholas has urged to clear out his belongings and quit now!

On Friday morning the club announced that their CEO was leaving at the end of June with Dominic Mackay from SRU coming in as his replacement.

Since the statement Lawwell has taken a vow of silence which has typified his 17 year reign. When there are troubled times at the club the CEO goes into hiding despite his massive salary. In the 2018/19 season Lawwell picked up earning of £3.5m from turnover of £84m.

With the transfer window closing with just one loan player arriving and the club keeping mute on the promised managerial review Celtic fans are looking at a club sailing on rudderless until the end of the season.

Nicholas has never hidden his dislike for Lawwell, now that he is stepping down you won’t find the former Celtic striker joining in the emotional tributes led by Lennon and Scott Brown.

Picking up on his column in the Daily Express, The Sun reports Nicholas saying:

Peter Lawwell should step down with immediate effect and allow the Celtic rebuild to start now rather than in the summer. Celtic need to clear the decks. Waiting until July 1 solves nothing and actually causes more problems.

Who will be making the big decisions until then? Who decides who the manager is next season? Who is doing the transfers and the deals before Dominic McKay comes in as the new chief executive?

Celtic’ season has been a disaster but nothing is going to change when the same personnel are calling the shots. It doesn’t look like will be going anywhere until the season ends and it is the same with Lawwell.

Celtic can’t rebuild until they have a new manager and chief executive in position. Major change is needed and I would warn people at Celtic to fasten their seat belts for the next few months because it is going to be a bumpy ride.

The fact that Lawwell helped to select McKay from Scottish Rugby as his replacement scares me. Why was he picked? Has this been railroaded in?

The club looks like a shambles and Celtic are drifting. The team is falling further and further behind Rangers, as we saw with last weekend’s defeat to St Mirren at Parkhead.