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Hypocritical- Lennon hits back at Scottish Government double standards

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Neil Lennon has accused the Scottish Government of being hypocritical in the different ways that it has related to breaches of protocol.

In August Celtic were in the firing line when Boli Bolingoli decided on taking a brief trip to Spain without self-isolating on return.

When it came to light what he had got upto Celtic were the focal point for the anger of the First Minister with two matches postponed as the game was given a yellow card.

Last weekend five players from another club were given Fixed Penalties for attending a house party but there has been no suggestion of a yellow card never mind a red.

While addressing that issue briefly on Monday the First Minister decided to introduce Celtic to her answer with the hoops boss highlighting that issue and the different approach which The Sun picked up on:

Celts and Aberdeen both had games called off at the government’s insistence last August, after players flouted rules. Sturgeon has had regular pops at football since then — but has never called for similar punishment for other clubs.

Asked if he found that odd, Lennon added: “Odd? Hypocritical. I could use a lot of words, but I won’t because I don’t want the story to be about me.

“I have come out and call it as I see it. And people have thrown all sorts back at me. But my conscience was clear at the time and still is. I don’t want to take the government on again, but you can tell there is a bit of discontent there.”

All SPFL Premiership fixtures will take place as scheduled this weekend with the SFA and SPFL silent on the five players given Fixed Penalties which was announced four days later by their club.

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