Date: 20th February 2021 at 5:37pm
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has expressed his concern for the Ibrox Covidiots.

Back in August football was warned that it was on a with the put under pressure to postpone two matches involving Celtic and Aberdeen as a warning to clubs to ensure that their players obeyed protocols put in place to allow football to resume.

In November Jordan Jones and George Edmondson were given Fixed Penalties for attending a house party, by 6pm on the day of getting caught they had been suspended by their club who were praised by a Scottish Government spokesperson for their quick action.

That action clearly didn’t deter the Ibrox squad with five players arranging a house party last Saturday in Hayburn Crescent in the West End. Despite being given Fixed Penalties by Police in the early hours of Sunday February 14 it wasn’t until noon on Wednesday the 16th that the names of the players were released by .

After avoiding the story in his multiple media appearances so far this week The Sun picked up on Jason Leitch discussing the issue with Off The Ball on :

That story from this week is another indication of our frustration. Whenever there’s a breach the first thing you are doing is putting yourself at risk.

So the first question I asked, when I heard about the breach, was ‘is everybody healthy?’. And that is the first question I have asked in all the other breaches in football that have happened over the last few months.

Is everybody healthy? Do they need a hospital? Do they need health care? Do they need a test? Now the next question is ‘who else have they put at risk?’

Let’s think about everybody else who was in that house. Who they live with, who they have met since? That is what call tracing does. And you get to big numbers pretty quickly.

Then you get to the wider population measure we have just decided. I think it is a bad example and I think elite sportsmen should set a good example, just like radio hosts should set a good example. My head cannot understand why those guys what they did.

So far the SFA and haven’t commented on the Ibrox Five or the club’s own in-house investigation.