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‘No smoke without fire either’ ‘Rumours of 5 different players’ Ibrox fans fearing more revelations

Image for ‘No smoke without fire either’ ‘Rumours of 5 different players’ Ibrox fans fearing more revelations

Ibrox fans are in a state of fear this morning as they wait for further details on the back of last night’s nervous company statement.

A day of Social Media speculation turned into reality when a Twitter statement was released followed by news of Police Scotland handing out 10 Fixed Penalties after breaking up an illegal gathering in Glasgow’s West End. Even the most gullible were capable of putting those jigsaw pieces together.

With the prospect of a first ever trophy a month away any disruption to the season would be a hammer blow to Steven Gerrard and his squad which has declared only one positive test result all season. With so many players on international duty it is remarkable that Filip Helander is the only player to be affected by the global pandemic.

The next step is the most interesting one, and eagerly awaited. Overnight the Scottish Government and football authorities will have been made aware of the events in the early hours of Administration Day.

Only the top two divisions in the SPFL are still in action, in August the First Minister warned about what would follow a yellow card.

The day after Scot Arfield celebrated his birthday Jordan Jones and George Edmundson were caught and fined for attending a house party that was against club rules, football rules and the law of the land.

In England the credibility of the Tory Government never survived whitewashing Dominic Cummings taking his family on a 400 mile round trip during Lockdown.

If no firm action is taking against a club and industry allowed special privileges and exemptions the message from the Scottish Government to the population will become much more difficult when one club and their employees seem to be above the laws of the land.

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