Date: 27th February 2021 at 8:12am
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has urged whoever is currently running Celtic to bring in from as quickly as possible.

As it stands Celtic have an Interim Manager, a soon to be retired CEO, a chairman who won’t make hasty decisions but loses a manager a week later with the set up topped by a chronically poor Head of Football Operations ().

That structure has created a season of absolute disaster with no areas of the club functioning properly or in harmony.

When a manager resigns a former club employee is running to his newspaper with the story before the club is alerted and ahead of the 7am Stock Market announcement.

The need for leadership, direction and purpose has never been more obvious with Sutton highlighting the state of near chaos in a plea made in the :

Dominic McKay needs to be put in place now. The new manager and director of football should be unveiled right behind him. Not in a month. Not in two months. Certainly not on July 1 in McKay’ case. Now.

I listened to the head of Scottish Rugby, , during the week saying McKay will not be leaving early to take up the chief executive post at Parkhead but staying until his notice period is up.

Celtic need to fix that. Pay what it costs to get him out. If the guy has to walk away early, so be it. Just get it done. Dodson might have thought his joke about McKay “having a very full in-tray” upon his arrival in Glasgow was funny but no Celtic fans are laughing.

Scotland’s final Six Nations match is on March 20 against Italy although there may be a re-arranged fixture to play against France. Celtic’s first match of next season will be in mid July, effectively a fortnight after McKay’s start date.