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Turnbull and Soro ‘star’ in Celtic’s Chinese initiative

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Celtic’ Social Media team took a break from wishing Happy Birthday to players and managers past and present to create a video to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

and Ismaila Soro stumbled through a few phrases which may, or may not go down well with any Chinese speaking fans.

The two midfielders aren’t known to have any Chinese connections but have been the bright spots of this season although Soro has been relegated to the bench for the last three matches.

With the Chinese economy one of the largest and fastest growing clubs from across Europe have been trying to break into that market.

All of the top teams have played friendly matches in to varying responses with Celtic’ interest appearing to start and end with Du Wei.

Brought in at the start of the 2005/06 season the defender started one match but after 45 minutes on a bone hard pitch in Cumbernauld his Celtic ‘career’ came to a halt in an infamous tie that saw Roy Keane make his debut.

With the club’ managerial review announced in December many fans decided to insert Sack Neil Lennon into translate.

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