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Alex Rae defends Steven Gerrard’s foul mouthed attack on John Beaton

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Alex Rae has defended Steven Gerrard for his foul-mouthed rant at John Beaton live on Sky Sports and beamed around the world.

The Ibrox boss is an iconic figure for millions of fans worldwide following his glorious playing career at Liverpool where he watched Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City share out the EPL title.

Gerrard’s long wait to win a title looks about to end with his club on the receiving end of some incredible good fortune.

After 31 matches the Ibrox side have yet to conceded a penalty or have a player sent off. Steven McLean, Kevin Clancy and David Munro all missed sending off incidents that were picked up and punished by the SFA Compliance Officer, in all three matches Gerrard’s side enjoyed single goal victories.

Those factors have built up a massive points cushion in the SPFL but despite that Gerrard went to war with Beaton after he booked Alfredo Morelos for simulation against Livingston.

Rae told The Sun:

You very rarely see Steven Gerrard lose his rag. He is normally calm and measured but I can understand how he felt on Wednesday night because I’ve been there.

You just want the officials to communicate with you. You don’t have to agree with what they are saying, but you want them to talk to you. It was a source of frustration for Gerrard as he felt three individuals could have made the call.

Across the board, everybody thought it was a penalty. Having seen the rerun, it was a stonewaller. John Beaton took a punt and thought Alfredo had dived.

The SFA have yet to take any action over Gerrard’s shameful attack on Beaton.

Twenty days on from five Ibrox Covidiots getting Fixed Penalties from Police Scotland the SFA have still to take any action. In August within a week of news surfacing about Boli Bolingoli’s trip to Spain emerging the player had been charged by the SFA with two Celtic matches postponed.

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