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Castore’s ‘Can you see us now’ billboard fails Glasgow weather test!

Image for Castore’s ‘Can you see us now’ billboard fails Glasgow weather test!

In keeping with the quality of their ‘premium brand’ sporting garments a billboard for Castore Sport failed to last the test of time in Glasgow.

Within minutes of being unveiled pictures were shared with friendly publishers as they joined in the high jinks banter inspired by two lads in a Scouse lock-up using the second- hand sewing machines of their mother’s.

After their much hyped launch as the exciting new brand set to knock Nike and Adidas off their perch as the leading sportwear firms the reality of Castore turned out to be a bit of a let down.

After one wash letters and stars were being left in the washing machine but some smart thinking fans just opted not to put their quality garments in the washing machine.

With the kit being outsourced to sweat shops in Turkey and India quality has been compromised. Surprisingly the Castore lads have still to announce which English, German, Spanish and Italian teams will be wearing their famous trademark kit next season.

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