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Decision Delayed- Sturgeon waits for ‘intelligence’ reports

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The First Minister will study ‘intelligence’ reports before deciding if the Glasgow Derby can go ahead of Sunday.

Last Sunday the Lockdown Laws were openly flaunted with Police Scotland escorting Ibrox fans to George Square where thousands of pounds worth of damage was caused.

Those scenes provoked a backlash across the country as families that haven’t been able to meet up or even attend funerals looked on at what appeared to be a managed celebration that ignored Social Distancing and every other Law brought in over the last 12 months.

Celtic have found themselves dragged into the issue, with less than a week to go before the match is played there is no guarantee that the fixture will go ahead.

Picking up on her media conference, the Daily Record reports Sturgeon saying:

I welcome the statements by both Rangers and Celtic. Of course it was Rangers fans who were gathering a week or so ago. They urged and were very direct in their urging of the fans to stay at home.

I hope the clubs will continue that over the next few days. It’s not just a one statement and the work is done. We know from experience over the last year that these communications are really important on an ongoing basis.

I spoke to the chief constable personally last week about his views on what might transpire if the Old Firm match goes ahead. The justice secretary has been in contact with the police and will be in further contact with the police over the next week.

They will have intelligence of their own over whether it appears to them that fans, in the main, are following the advice of the clubs to stay at home or whether there will be a significant risk of the fans coming out to gather.

On the basis of all that, we’ll have to take a judgement. I don’t want to be in a position of standing here saying football matches can’t go ahead or any of the other things we really enjoy in life can’t go ahead. But that’s the reality while we’re still in this position and big gatherings, we know presents a risk of transmission.

Putting four Glasgow Derbies on the screens of Sky Sports is central to the new broadcasting deal which is effectively underwriting Scottish football.

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