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I can’t have that- Gerrard warns SFA over officials following his red card shame

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has told the SFA that ‘I can’t have that’ in a reference to John Beaton and two other match officials at Livingston last night.

The boss seems certain to be charged by the SFA after he angrily confronted Beaton at half-time in last night’ match then swore at the referee in front of the Sky Sports camera and live on TV. It’s not the image of respect that the SFA are keen to promote.

Beaton produced a yellow then a second yellow at red at the boss but after the match he was in no mood for calming down and admitting that he had embarrassed himself and his club.

Gerrard told the Daily Record:

It’ a blatant penalty, it’s a stonewaller. I’m someone who wants to support officials because we are all human and we will make a mistake but what I can’t stand for at this level is three people making the same mistake. They all had clear views of it. I could see it and I’m the furthest away.

There are three officials at this level who all got it wrong together – I can’t have that. I asked for an explanation and he refused to speak to me.

You are talking about officials at a top level of the game. I’ll go with one making a mistake, because we are all human. But I can’t have it when three make the same mistake and are all looking at the incident. That’s unfair.

Incredibly last night made it 31 matches without the club having a player sent off or conceding a penalty. Three times players have had retrospective red cards for honest by Steven McLean, and David Munro.

Following Gerrard’s half-time outburst Beaton booked five Livingston players during the second half.

McLean will be in charge for St Mirren’s visit to on Saturday with Daniel McFarlane and Gordon Crawford on the lines. Lloyd Wilson will be the fourth official. Steven Reid was the fourth official at Livingston with Frank Connor and Drew Kirkland as assistant referees.

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