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Ibrox club laugh at SFA and Scottish Government with Gerrard video and after match fan celebrations

Image for Ibrox club laugh at SFA and Scottish Government with Gerrard video and after match fan celebrations

If Nicola Sturgeon, Jason Leitch and Ian Maxwell were ever in any doubt beforehand they certainly know their place now. The club from Ibrox are above the law of the land.

While players at every other club in the country observe the laws, staying at home in their family or solo bubble three weeks ago five Ibrox players decided to host a house party with some unknown friends.

After getting caught and issued with Fixed Penalties in the same manner as Boli Bolingoli, Jordan Jones and George Edmundson were dealt with earlier in the season further action was expected.

Within five days of his Spanish trip coming to light Bolingoli was charged by the SFA with two Celtic matches postponed. Two days after being caught celebrating Scot Arfield’s birthday the Ibrox duo were charged by the SFA.

TWENTY ONE DAYS after getting his Fixed Penalty Nathan Patterson was playing against St Mirren without a care in the world, courtesy of the SFA.

From 9am today crowds were gathering outside Ibrox to break the law. Across Scotland families are banned from getting together. Since Christmas Day they haven’t been allowed to meet up but in full view of Police Scotland a party with pyro and fireworks was being held at Ibrox with no arrests.

Glorying and encouraging the law breakers Steven Gerrard invited a friend into the passenger seat and shared a video of his triumphant arrival at Ibrox.

At the final whistle the Ibrox players ran to the corner of the Main Stand and Copland Road stands to take the cheers of law breakers.

Having turned a blind eye to today’s events, much like the UK Government with Dominic Cummings, the Scottish Government can now anticipate copy cat events across Scotland following the precedent set at Ibrox and follow followed by Maxwell and friends at the aptly named SFA.

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