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Kris Boyd slaughters John Beaton for Gerrard red card!

Image for Kris Boyd slaughters John Beaton for Gerrard red card!

has launched an incredible attack on John Beaton after he booked then red carded Steven Gerrard at half time in the match against Livingston.

The furious boss marched onto the pitch to confront the Bellshill whistler at half time. After being yellow carded Gerrard walked away but the verbals continued with Beaton reaching for a second yellow then a for the boss.

The emotions are running high. I think that John… you get booked…then you say something else, I get that but….. I just think that John Beaton has to realise that I might have made a mistake here. People’ emotions are running high, they could be angry. For then to go out again, I think you need to be sensible.

Had the offender been a ginger haired Irishman Boyd’ views may have been different. It seems that a yellow card given to for simulation had upset the boss who hasn’t had a player red carded or penalty conceded in 30 matches.

Covidiot Nathan Patterson was in the Ibrox starting XI with no sign of action for picking up a Fixed Penalty for attending a house party with some team-mates.

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