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Major Outrage… Celtic explain continuing issue

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It could have been used to sum up the season but apparently a ‘major outrage’ was the reason for Celtic’s Pass to Paradise problems on Saturday.

Shortly before kick-off against Aberdeen the picture started to falter before Season Ticket holders were met with blank screens and unable to even log-in to the Pass to Paradise.

As luck would have it the only goal of the game came in the eighth minutes as fans were trying to tune in or find an alternative stream.

With 50,000 Season Ticket holders and a known number of overseas subscribers the amount of fans tuning in shouldn’t come as a shock to those involved with the service.

Despite the bold promises from the club the virtual Season Ticket has been a major let down this season. Log in and picture issues have been common place while the action has regularly been 30 seconds or more behind radio commentary or the stream from the away club.

After a promising start with commentary from Rory Hamilton the club switched to Peter Martin but that was short lived before the equally unpopular Gerry McCulloch took over the microphone.

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