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Senior Government Minister wants Celtic legends to appeal for calm!

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The Scottish Government wants Tom Boyd, Davie Hay and Roy Aitken to tell Celtic fans to stay at home after thousands of non-Celtic fans broke Lockdown last weekend.

With Steven Gerrard sharing a video of fans law breaking followed by images of him screaming out a Dressing Room window Ibrox fans made non-essential journeys then broke the law again by refusing to self-isolate.

On Sunday at Murray Park boozed up players celebrated in front of the fans crushed behind the gates as the death toll of a global pandemic across the UK rolled on towards 130,000.

To round things off Douglas Park sent a letter to the First Minister with various references to Celtic including the incredible claim that street furniture should have been removed from George Square to facilitate an illegal gathering!

By Tuesday the First Minister decided to bring Celtic into her anger with Humza Yousaf taking things even further.

Playing the Old Firm card is now being used to share the blame with Celtic with The Sun picking up on an interview with Justice Secretary Humza Yousuf on Radio Scotland this morning:

We cannot and simply will not tolerate the scenes we saw last weekend. Therefore if I cannot get absolute assurance that we won’t see a repeat of such scenes, or potentially even worse scenes potentially including disorder from groups of fans, then every option will be considered, and that would include deferring the game.

But equally of course, if I am reassured, if the clubs step up and communicate very clearly that every single fan should be staying at home and their respective managers, club ambassadors all come out with that message.

If we do the same from government of course and the city council, if we can speak to the police and get a proportionate policing response, if it doesn’t drain a huge amount of police resource, then perhaps it may be possible for the game to go ahead.

But if there is intelligence to suggest there will be public disorder, and that large numbers of groups of fans may gather, then we cannot and will not risk it. We cannot risk people’s health at this critical juncture, just when we are at the very cusp of relaxing some restrictions

It seems that CCTV footage has yet to be used to identify and fine the thousands involved in law-breaking at the weekend. As back up there are plenty of Social Media selfies and videos from Saturday and Sunday at Ibrox, Murray Park and George Square.

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