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SFA cave in to Ibrox pressure over Morelos yellow card

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The SFA has thrown John Beaton under a bus by overturning the yellow card that he issued to Alfredo Morelos following an appeal.

It took less than 48 hours for the SFA to deal with the incident from start to finish. Twenty days ago, five Ibrox Covidiots were issued with Fixed Penalties by Police Scotland with no action taken by the SFA. James Tavernier currently has a sore leg.

Morelos was booked shortly before half-time against Livi for taking a tumble after being confronted by the home goalkeeper. It probably wasn’t a booking and it probably wasn’t a penalty. Any contact involved was greatly exaggerated by the Colombian.

At half time in the match Steven Gerrard marched onto the pitch and launched an expletive laden attack on Beaton, a member of the Lanarkshire Referee Association groomed by Hugh Dallas.

The incident was beamed worldwide by Sky Sports projecting a terrible image of Scottish football to many including younger fans who view Mister Gerrard as some sort of role model.

So far this season the Ibrox club haven’t had a penalty awarded against them in 31 SPFL matches or conceded a penalty. Three times, including Morelos twice, retrospective red cards have issued by the Compliance Officer following honest mistakes made by match officials. In all three games the Ibrox club won by a single goal.

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