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Tom English sidesteps Ibrox Covidiots to celebrate tainted title ‘success’

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Tom English, chief sports reporter for the British Broadcasting Corporation in Scotland is continuing to be highly selective in which issues he wishes to tackle.

Back in November he used the low-grade tacky tabloid term of ‘bed-wetters’ to describe Celtic fans concerned at the poor results their club was suffering.

A decade ago that sort of language wouldn’t have been tolerated at Scotland on Sunday as their circulation fell off a cliff. Replacing Kevin McCarra, Graham Spiers and Jonathan Northcroft with the second best journalist in the English household wasn’t an inspired move. You wouldn’t swap three Ferrari’s for Del Boy’s Three-Wheeler and expect readers not to notice a slight of a dive in quality.

Succulent Tam was still cheer-leading for Craig Whyte even after Jim Traynor ha given up on the former billionaire.

Back in January the image of Scott Brown sent English into meltdown. Scrambling onto Twitter, spewing out his anger across the BBC website and also on air he couldn’t get enough of Broony and Lennon. A man on a crusade.

Strangely when five Ibrox players were given Fixed Penalties for attending a house party in February English didn’t want to know. Not even a tut-tut or naughty lads tweet.

Last summer the alleged failings of the SFA and SPFL had the man from the British Broadcasting Corporation almost frothing at the mouth. Suddenly he was a champion of Stranraer, Partick Thistle and Stenhousemuir. Soon Craig Levein joined the expanding team of failed manager on the pundits rota with the state broadcaster.

The SFA have taken to action against Nathan Patterson and his Covidiot pals, which is the same reaction as the BBC’s chief sports writer. The paranoid would suggest that the inaction is due to James Tavernier having a sore leg.

At the weekend the scenes at Ibrox and George Square sickened a nation in Lockdown. Typically English chose to ignore public health issues, flaunting of laws by a former England international to open his heart on a gushing tribute to the first team to win a title without having a player sent off or penalty conceded.

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