Date: 7th March 2021 at 6:30pm
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At least one foul mouthed fan had a sense of perspective.

On Saturday thousands descended on Ibrox to break the law on a variety of fronts with little sign of enforcement from the powers that be.

Social bubbles seemed a thing of the past as fans jammed close together, shouted and sang in full view of police officers from a station half a mile from the stadium.

The club said nothing, their manager shared his car to allow someone to video his triumphant arrival for Social Media. No comment came from the club urging fans to go home and obey the Lockdown that Scotland has been in since January 4.

Fans of all ages and sizes followed the lead from Social Media and headed along to join the fun. After the match the players ran to a gate accepting scarves and flags from law breakers ignoring social distancing. Steven Gerrard and other hung out the dressing room window encouraging further celebrations.

Similar celebrations took place again today at Ibrox and George Square as the Scottish Government and anticipated. Again, it seems like the authorities are backing off.

Tomorrow and through the rest of this week Billy, Stewarty, Gordy, Rosco, Cameron and Farquar will return to their family bubbles having mixed with hundreds of random strangers.

At the schools and supermarkets of Bridgton, Bearsden and Larkhall they will no doubt be sharing their stories of weekend high jinks with people from outside their bubble, probably without wearing their Union Jack masks.

More families will soon be arranging limited number funerals, the selfishness of thousands and relaxed attitude of the authorities will see more families impacted with doubts cast over whether Park can safely accept crowds to European Championship matches.

Neither the SFA or SPFL have commented on the actions of a club whose players knowingly broke rules. Three weeks ago five players were issued with Fixed Penalties without any action from the SFA. has a sore leg.