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You got it f***ng bang wrong! What furious Gerrard shouted at John Beaton

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Steven Gerrard was shown a yellow then a second yellow and red card by John Beaton at half time in his side’ 1-0 win at Livingston tonight.

The boss was furious about a first half yellow card given to Alfredo Morelos for simulation. In recent months the Colombian has twice been given retrospective red cards for missed by match referees.

So far this season no players have been sent off during 31 SPFL matches with no penalties awarded against them.

The Sun reports:

The Sky Sports cameras followed Gerrard as he made his way towards Beaton following the half-time whistle.

He could then be heard saying: “You’re not speaking to me?”

Beaton could then be heard replying: “I can’t”.

Gerrard then added: “I know why you’re not speaking to me, it’ because you got it f****** bang wrong. You’re bang out of order.”

Gerrard was then shown a yellow card by Beaton before being shown a red card and sent to the stands just seconds later.

The boss watched the second half from the stand and will now have to wait to see how the incident is reported to the SFA by Beaton. If past form is anything to go by an incident viewed live on Sky Sports looks like being underplayed.

Nineteen days after being issued with a Fixed Penalty by Police Nathan Patterson was selected to play tonight with no sign that the SFA are going to charge or suspend the starlet or any of his team-mates.

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