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‘Creepy’ ‘Give me strength’ ‘Toe-curlingly embarrassing’ Gormless Douglas Ross goes viral

Image for ‘Creepy’ ‘Give me strength’ ‘Toe-curlingly embarrassing’ Gormless Douglas Ross goes viral

Douglas Ross has gone way too far trying to convince the Scottish electorate that he is a regular kind of guy with character and a personality.

The recently appointed leader of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party has had a horrendous election campaign after being taken out of his comfort zone of cosy interviews with the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Tying to humanise a gormless Tory has proved a challenge too far with D Ross being left badly exposed through a variety of Leaders Debates ahead of next Thursday’s vote for the Scottish Parliament.

Rattling on about a divisive referendum and his wee laddie proved to be a turn off for the one trick pony who collects match fees and expenses from the SFA ahead of spending weekends dealing with the issues of his Moray constituents.

With just over a week to go till the vote one of the Tory strategists decided to bring out the personality of their Atomic Kitten loving leader, the result was tragic.

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