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Celtic fans take Murdo Fraser to task as he plays to the gallery

Image for Celtic fans take Murdo Fraser to task as he plays to the gallery

Celtic fans haven’t been slow to remind Murdo Fraser about some uncomfortable truths as he anticipated a programme on BBC Scotland tonight about Mark Walters.

What exactly was the inspiration for the programme is difficult to define other than another attempt by the state broadcaster to curry favour with the club that they have apparently been in dispute with for six years.

After joining the Souness Revolution during the 87/88 season Walters fully bought into the club culture and identity with one incident involving Jim White a clear attempt to play to the gallery just as obvious as List MSP Fraser’s usual stunts.

Prior to Walters joining up at Ibrox Celtic’s Paul Wilson has received sustained abuse from opposing fans through the seventies. There is no known condemnation from any source of the attacks handed out to the Celt who made a habit of scoring in Glasgow derbies.

Fraser and his Tory colleagues haven’t made any comment on the carnage inflicted on George Square on May 15 by his fellow travellers, today it was disclosed that substantial damage had been inflicted on a statue of Queen Victoria by a tiny minority of the 15,000 Covidiots.

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