Date: 15th May 2021 at 6:21pm
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In broad daylight The Shop in Argyle Street has come under attack.

With chaos predicted in the city centre the club took the decision to close the store for today with their worst fears being realised.

From mid-afternoon the centre of has been overwhelmed by drunken yobs from across with flights from packed out with Covidiots this morning.

were overwhelmed in March with similar scenes but despite having two months notice seem no closer to being able to uphold Law and Order in the biggest city in the country.

arrived at before 10am this morning with Police Scotland appearing to guard the Main Stand which was never likely to be under attack.

After the trophy presentation Covidiots marched into the city centre with no sign of Police action or any form of restraint.

Next week politicians are expected to condemn the action, order various enquiries, express their shock and disappointment then forget about it all. As they did in March.