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‘Low in intellect’ Keith Jackson calls out Health Secretary Humza Yousaf!

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Keith Jackson has accused Humza Yousaf of being low in intellect.

It is a quite staggering claim to make and based on comments made by the former Justice Secretary and now Health Secretary’s comments about video clips from inside Ibrox.

With the benefit of his Degree in Politics from Glasgow University Yousaf used the word IF in his comments, something deliberately avoided by many keen to criticise the Government Minister and defend the Ibrox Song Book.

On Friday tea-time Police Scotland issued a brief statement on the Sweet Caroline videos that there was no criminality. No explanation was given, the add-on lyrics weren’t detailed and there was no mention if the three videos circulating on Social Media were fakes or doctored.

It seems that for some the statement from Police Scotland doesn’t merit any questioning, their verdict is all that matters and the evidence of their own ears isn’t to be trusted.

Explaining his mindset in the Daily Record, Jackson writes:

Some of the Machiavellian political manoeuvring which followed ramped up the feeling that something sinister is throttling the goodness out of this country, in particular the curiously breathless intervention of justice secretary Humza Yousaf.

Yousaf did not pause to reflect on the divisive nature of his own actions before reaching for his Twitter account to ask if Rangers players had indulged in criminal anti Catholic chanting and calling for them to be sacked if they had. His incendiary contribution was high in octane but low in intellect and, ultimately according to his own police force, made entirely without basis.

Rangers have every right to feel enraged and to question Yousaf’s part in all of this but their sense of moral outrage may be tempered somewhat by the conduct of their own people and not just the fans who rampaged their way through the streets of the city centre.

The celebrations which followed their trophy presentation and which quickly emerged on social media from inside Ibrox were wildly out of kilter with the lockdown rules the rest of us have been forced to live with throughout this ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Perhaps Yousaf should have concentrated on what was going on in front of his eye rather than attempt to hear something that did not exist but all of this grubby, self serving behaviour added to the notion that football in this country is being hijacked and its reputation wilfully ransacked.

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