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Neil Doncaster’s nightmare dilemma over Andy Walker

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Reports that Andy Walker was barred from Ibrox yesterday has presented Scottish football with a problem that they could do without.

Having stood back and admired a variety of stunts from Ibrox the SPFL could face a broadcaster unhappy at having their editorial freedoms curtailed. That assumes that Sky Sports has the backbone to stand by their pundit above the need to get fed information from inside Ibrox as well as their contracted access.

Throughout this season there has been second hand tales of bans being administered by the Ibrox PR team who appear to be under the influence of the darkest of dark corners from their Fan Media. After being invited into the tent they are now booting out anyone not as hard-line as themselves.

This season is the first of five in the exclusive broadcasting deal between Sky Sports and the SPFL, beyond the money from Season Ticket sales it is the only funds coming into football with the four divisions of the SPFL still without a sponsor.

In this instance Sky Sports could become very demanding after Walker was denied access to yesterday’s match. Last season Douglas Park was able to make threats to Neil Doncaster without any repercussions from the SPFL, as usual their attitude is to allow clubs from Ibrox free reign to keep the wheels turning on their Old Firm gravy train.

If Walker is a casualty Sky Sports will effectively become Ibrox TV. In their current mindset the club from Ibrox are fuelled by a bloodlust among their support that keeps the cash flowing, their first Season Ticket deadline is on May 17.

Will Doncaster buckle or find a backbone that comes down hard on the Ibrox club to support the five year Sky Sports deal that has kept Scottish football viable through its most difficult year.

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