Date: 17th May 2021 at 1:28pm
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Graham Spiers was taken to task as he attempted to defend the anti-Catholic ethos celebrated by .

Carious cosmetic exercises such as Everyone Anyone has been taken on by the club but the effect of that was on display in the centre of Glasgow throughout Saturday.

Businesses trying to recover from Lockdown were forced to shut down and take on extra security measures to protect their premises from 12-15,000 law-breaking Covidiots.

Spiers likes to argue the case for the , cuddly ‘’ fan as a lover of football, why they want to associate themselves with thousands of bigots on a weekly basis only they can explain.

All the usual soundbites were included in a statement from the club today led by the old favourites of small minority and so-called fans.

The residents of Glasgow and elsewhere in the west of Scotland know the truth about the core fan-base and the token gestures that the club makes from time to time to distance themselves from their financial lifeline.