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Reporter from The Sun calls out Sturgeon, Ross and Sarwar

Image for Reporter from The Sun calls out Sturgeon, Ross and Sarwar

Up until May 6 they were in front of the cameras constantly, promising the earth as they chased votes.

Promises on everything, the virus, economy, the environment. You name it they would deliver it in return for your vote but tonight they have been posted missing.

Tonight Glasgow is under siege, a virtual war zone with Police Scotland apparently unable to control thousands of drunken law breakers.

Two of the political leaders stood for the Glasgow Southside constituency, the other picks up a very generous second income with weekend work for the SFA, in the first half of this season he was given 11 match appointments in Glasgow, at Ibrox, Celtic Park and Hampden.

Back in March the politicians were given a warning. Their inactions created the circumstances for tonight. Next week their cheap words of condemnation will mean nothing as they watched Scotland’s largest city get trashed 10 days after pleading for votes.

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