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‘Staggeringly bad article’ ‘You are part of the problem’ ‘This Unionist rag is at it’ Celtic fans react to slur from The Scotsman

Image for ‘Staggeringly bad article’ ‘You are part of the problem’ ‘This Unionist rag is at it’ Celtic fans react to slur from The Scotsman

Celtic fans have been quick to take apart a so-called opinion piece in The Scotsman from John McLellan.

The Tory Councillor for Council is a Director of the Scottish Newspaper Society and has pulled out a piece of fiction that The Sunday Sport would think twice about before publishing.

McLellan uses the article to promote himself as one of those nice, cuddly ‘Rangers’ fans who disassociates himself with all that horrible bigotry stuff, hating kaflikz and abusing anything related to Ireland.

We all know those types, the sneaky dangerous ones that are so disgusted by the Songs of Hate from that they sit there on mute tapping their toes to the tunes.

The need to balance the article was way too strong for Councillor McLellan. Rather than pick out some minor issue to bring Celtic into the discussion he goes way, way overboard with a tale of being in the Celtic End at an O** F*** cup final and being surrounded by people discussing stabbing Protestants!

Yes, a national newspaper chose to run with that piece of fantasy.

Throughout his piece McLellan is at pains to point out how he isn’t really much of a football fan, opening up with a tear-jerking account of watching his brothers’ funeral from New Zealand.

According to his bio on The Scottish Newspaper Society website he worked in from 1982 until 1993 when he got a job with the Edinburgh Evening News, the publishing companion to The Scotsman. ‘ Cup Finals have been something of a rarity in recent times, Celtic haven’t played either club in a final for over a decade.

A stint editing on Sunday followed for Merry McLellan before moving on to work for the Conservative Party and the Press Complaints Commission.

Strangely he has been keeping a low profile today, unable to add any detail to the shocking incidents that he witnessed at an unspecified ‘Old Firm’ clash where he was in the Celtic end after losing a bet.

By 5pm today more than 800 replies had been made to a tweet from The Scotsman. According to the BBC The Scotsman was selling 11,700 copies a day on average between July and December 2019. That figure is now likely to be under 10,000.

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