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The Guardian performs u-turn to finally admit that LIQUIDATION killed Rangers in 2012

Image for The Guardian performs u-turn to finally admit that LIQUIDATION killed Rangers in 2012

The Guardian has become the first UK mainstream outlet to publish a correction of the Liquidation Lie of 2012.

Led by BBC Scotland and the other media outlets keen to stay onside with the club formed by Charles Green the L word is avoided at all costs. In July 2012 the BBC mentioned the new club being admitted to League 3 of the Scottish Football League but that line was quietly dropped.

Financial meltdown and relegation are often used to spare the feelings of Ibrox fans who stood back, watched a CVA get rejected by Her Majesty and push the club formed in 1872 or 1873 into liquidation.

The club ceased to exist, it stopped trading. BDO started the liquidation process to salvage whatever they could for 276 creditors, collecting very generous fees with the process still ongoing 11 years later.

Washing away the history of the club proved too much for the football authorities and the media, they know that Liquidation means the end. Hearts, Motherwell, Dundee and Dunfermline survived administration by putting together a CVA acceptable to shareholders. Rangers failed.

A cut price asset sale of Murray Park and Ibrox Stadium followed, the SFA accommodated through the secretive Five Way Agreement which involved the club in liquidation and the one formed by Mister Green.

That truth is too painful for Scottish media organisations to admit too, clearly after being informed of the correct course of events the Guardia has set the record straight. It was liquidation in 2012, not some other comforting myth regardless of who is pushing the lies.

In an emotional fairy-tale about a season in the sixties in today’s Guardian the publisher was forced to correct one item about the club going into liquidation in 2012:

These triumphs were in turn reversed in 2012 when the club was forced into liquidation and required to rejoin Scotland’s lowest division. But after another eight grim years, the team have once more returned to dominate Scottish football and now flourish under the guidance of Steve Gerrard, who has proved himself a master tactician and an adroit motivator. The future for Rangers looks bright under the leadership of a man surely destined to have a successful career in football management.

So it is clear there is a very different background to the match on Saturday compared with the one I endured 53 years ago. Rangers are on the crest of a wave that is very different from the trough into which they were about to plunge. There is now a prospect of a rosy future for football at Ibrox unlike the bleak days of that last encounter in 1968. Just how long it will last is another matter.

This article was amended on 14 May 2021. An earlier version incorrectly referred to Rangers’ liquidation in 2012 as “administration”.

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