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‘An embarrassment to the Celtic family’ ‘Seriously stupid tweet’ #gerryout Celtic TV McCulloch has fans in uproar

Image for ‘An embarrassment to the Celtic family’ ‘Seriously stupid tweet’ #gerryout Celtic TV McCulloch has fans in uproar

were stunned and furious at a tweet from Gerry McCulloch justifying the BBC’s continuing coverage of Christian Eriksen tonight.

Four minutes from half-time in the match between and Finland the Inter Milan striker fell to the ground in clear distress.

Referee Anthony Taylor instantly brought the match to a halt, medics raced to the scene and the enormity of the incident was obvious from the reactions of both sets of players.

UEFA as broadcasting hosts continued to cover the incident with Danish players forming a protective barrier around their team-mate with most too distressed to look at what was going on.

With the horror of the incident dawning on the fans inside the stadium it made for harrowing viewing with the BBC continuing to beam the pictures out live.

Eventually they returned to Gary Lineker in the studio, after a brief word with each of the three pundits the BBC ended their coverage and switched to some back up programming.

On the shock of the incident was matched by the outrage at why the BBC continued to show coverage of a clearly very upsetting incident. Fortunately, after 30 minutes the news improved with Eriksen awake and being monitored in hospital and the game being resumed. Finland went on to win 1-0 with the result incidental.

Celtic employees know that is an angry place, any comment out of place will be jumped on by upset and isolated from their club.

McCulloch has never been popular since making the jump from to front up and media coverage.

Steering clear of the obvious anger would have been the sensible course for a media professional to take. Instead, McCulloch chose to try and justify the actions of his media chums, within an hour more than 600 replies had been made to his tweet.

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