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Bloody ludicrous- Neil Lennon taken to task live on air

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Simon Jordan has taken Neil Lennon to task over Celtic’s January trip to Dubai.

In a season punctured throughout by disasters and horrendous decision making the six day trip to Dubai in January was one of the worst.

Trailing badly in points and having played two matches left heading out to the sunshine after a defeat at Ibrox was a bad look as Scotland went back into Lockdown.

When Lennon and Scott Brown were pictured poolside with drinks nearby the tone was set for the trip.

Despite the best efforts of Celtic’s Social Media team to emphasise the hard work going on the club was in the spotlight and struggling on all fronts.

When the crocked Chris Jullien returned with a positive test the authorities waded in with 13 players, Lennon and John Kennedy forced to self-isolate.

More points were dropped at home to Hibs and Livingston, before the end of February Lennon had resigned with Celtic’s season dying with barely a whimper.

The former Celtic boss popped up on TalkSPORT yesterday but after some chummy chat with Jim White, Jordan didn’t hold back when Dubai was brought up:

You guys were bloody ludicrous going on that trip. Just because someone tells you that you can do something it doesn’t mean it’s wise to do it.

The fact of the matter is we’re right in the eye of a pandemic, there was only going to be a downside. There was no upside here for you.

There was a situation here for you already as the team weren’t pulling their weight, you were struggling with certain sections of the press and Rangers were in the ascendancy.

You go out there and there was a strong possibility that something might have gone wrong and there was going to be a focus on it. Do you know what happens with your principles when you die, Neil? Your principles die with you. And I looked at it, despite the fact I like you and I wanted success for you, I thought it was a bad move.

I would of gone ‘listen lads, I know you want to go and it’s a team building exercise and we should be able to do what we want and I know the government have given us permission. But we also know about political capital that [Nicola] Sturgeon makes out of situations like this.

It wasn’t just that there were previous situations that had gone on earlier in the season when some of your players have been bloody idiots and put you behind the cart.

So, it was a culmination of events that brought you to a situation where you got all the unfair press that came with it but it was your own making, if you wouldn’t have gone you wouldn’t have got that!

The treatment of Celtic appears to be a stark contrast with Scotland where the entire squad avoided being in close contact with Billy Gilmore despite sharing flights, coaches, dressing rooms and hotels with the Chelsea man who returned a positive test the day before Steve Clarke’s side lost to Croatia.

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