Date: 5th June 2021 at 5:40pm
Written by:

Whatever the purpose was for ’s interview in The Times it didn’t go down well with . Perhaps they are the ‘new breed’ that the Irishman can’t come to terms with.

It seemed that the purpose of the interview was to launch the New Lenny on the public, the deep thinker, a victim of perceptions coloured by a nasty new breed of supporter that doesn’t noddingly approve of everything that they are fed through the media.

The interview was a horrid mixture of deflection and self pity. New Lenny is a changed man, cutting down on alcohol and his golf handicap while working out with his own Personal Trainer. Perhaps the facilities at Lennoxtown weren’t suitable.

Tellingly Lennon’s interview touched on only one European tie- the match against Lazio in November 2019 which apparently Lennon won rather than the team. Strangely Lennon doesn’t mention the disastrous defeats he racked up against Cluj, or . Twice.

Any lingering sympathy that the former Celtic boss might have retained as a victim of circumstances has almost evaporated.

He did retain some credit for past deeds against the abuse, violence and hatred that he encountered across Scotland but that well is almost dry as he launches his new media career having cut himself off from a large part of his potential audience.